“QKS Massage Spa in Flushing is an absolute gem! The service here is impeccable, and the therapists are highly skilled. I’ve tried various massages, and each time, I leave feeling completely revitalized. The ambiance is serene, and the attention to detail is outstanding. I’ve recommended QKS Massage Spa to all my friends, and they have all had fantastic experiences. It’s my go-to place for relaxation and self-care.”

Richard Douglas

“I’ve been a regular at QKS Massage Spa for months now, and I can’t speak highly enough about their services. The staff is friendly, professional, and genuinely cares about your well-being. The massages are heavenly, and the therapists always tailor the session to my specific needs. The atmosphere is calming, and I appreciate the cleanliness and attention to hygiene. QKS Massage Spa has become my sanctuary in Flushing, and I look forward to my visits every time.”

Evelyn Watson

“QKS Massage Spa is a true oasis in the midst of Flushing. I recently had a hot stone massage here, and it was divine. The therapist was skilled and made sure I was comfortable throughout the session. The hot stones melted away my tension, and I felt incredibly relaxed afterward. The spa itself is beautifully decorated, creating a peaceful ambiance. The prices are reasonable, considering the high-quality service you receive. I highly recommend QKS Massage Spa to anyone in need of a rejuvenating experience.”

Charles Cooper

“I had my first massage experience at QKS Massage Spa, and I was thoroughly impressed. The staff was welcoming, and the therapist was knowledgeable and attentive. I opted for a deep tissue massage, and it was exactly what I needed to relieve my sore muscles. The pressure was perfect, and I felt the benefits long after the session ended. The spa’s atmosphere is soothing, and I appreciated the privacy and tranquility during my visit. I’ll definitely be returning for more sessions in the future.”

Crystal Little

“QKS Massage Spa is my favorite place to unwind and de-stress in Flushing. The atmosphere is incredibly calming, and the therapists are exceptional. I recently had a facial here, and my skin felt rejuvenated and glowing afterward. The products they use are of high quality, and the aesthetician was knowledgeable about skincare. The spa is always clean and well-maintained, creating a hygienic environment for relaxation. I can’t recommend QKS Massage Spa enough – it’s a must-visit for anyone seeking a peaceful escape from the city’s hustle and bustle.”

Rose Spencer

“I had an amazing experience at QKS Massage Spa. The couples massage my partner and I received was outstanding. The therapists were skilled and synchronized, providing a relaxing and harmonious experience. The spa’s ambiance is enchanting, and the attention to detail in the decor creates a luxurious atmosphere. The staff members were courteous and made us feel welcome from the moment we arrived. It was a perfect way to spend quality time together and unwind. We will definitely be returning to QKS Massage Spa for more memorable experiences.”

Jane Mills